Do you learn about French culture on Frenchpod101?

French Pod 101 gives a lot of information about French culture. It is definitely one of its advantages compared to other French learning methods.

In the introduction section, you can find a season called “Culture class”.

French Pod 101 French Culture 1These 7 lessons give you basic information about French culture such as “To do or not to do on the beach”, “Bastille day”, etc.

In the Absolute Beginner section, there is also a season dedicated to culture called “Culture Class: Essential French Vocabulary”. This season of French Pod 101 is very complete and you can find a lot of vocabulary related to French culture.

French Pod 101 French Culture 2

All the culture tips are organised by topic to help you get the most information about it. You will hear a French word related to the topic, and an explanation about it.

The bonus course “Idioms and proverbs” will also help you understand French culture as special expressions are part of French culture.

French Pod 101 French Culture 3

In each lesson of each level, the dialogue is related to a French cultural fact. This fact is then explained by the presenters and the transcript can be downloaded. These cultural facts can vary from French phone numbers, famous French movies or Le Petit Nicolas for Absolute Beginner level, to radio, Nantes or unemployment for Advanced level.

I found the range of topics very interesting since the lessons not only focus on History but also on very contemporary events and people.

On French Pod 101 there are French events and customs, popular cultures, celebrities, word usage. You will get to know things about French culture and how French people live. Since the team of teachers is French, you get the most recent and exact information about cultural topics. New lessons are updated every week but you can then be sure that you will have very good French cultural information from French Pod 101.

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