Which French Pod 101 level should you choose?

When you visit the website French Pod 101, you need to select your level from Absolute beginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Once logged in, you will be invited to follow the lessons corresponding to this level. However, the level can be easily changed by clicking on a new item.

French Pod 101 Lessons

These levels are subdivided into several parts so that the content is really adapted to your level.

French Pod 101 Level Breakdown

Lessons are provided for each level and the format varies depending on the skills to acquire. For example, in the absolute beginner lessons, the focus is made on communication skills such as “asking for a phone number”, “say where you live”, “expressing likes / dislikes” etc. The aim of this level is to learn basic knowledge useful to make contact in French language.

This learning approach is very interesting because when you travel or speak to a French speaking person, you need all these things to get information or to get to know a person. Even if you do mistakes while talking, the most important thing is the message you deliver.

In the beginner’s section of FrenchPod101, you will advance in communication skills and get more information about how the grammar is in French. You will start to better understand how French language works and be able to make more sentences and talk about more topics related to you.

In the intermediate lessons, the presenters use more French language and a lot of cultural tips will be given to help you understand how life is in France.

During the advanced section of French Pod 101, the lessons are mainly targeted at French culture, events, and daily life, while teaching new words and grammar. For example, the topic of a lesson can be about a French city, bookstores, tourists, or a French event such as Mardi Gras or the Chandeleur.

Whatever your level is, you will find adapted lessons on FrenchPod101 to learn and improve your skills in French language. It is very easy to switch from a level to another one when needed.

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