Deux filles en liberté

Name of Podcast: Deux filles en liberté

What topics are covered: This podcast talks about politics, and more specifically the Libertarian movement in Quebec.

Why is it good to listen to? Two women present this podcast. They both have a Quebec accent. They use slang, and speak with a normal rhythm. The atmosphere is relaxed, and they laugh quite often.

You can subscribe or listen to the podcast through

How often are the podcasts updated? The podcasts are updated on a weekly basis, on Thursday.

Length of each podcast: Each episode is one hour and 30 minutes long.

Podcast Description: “Deux filles en liberté” is a Quebec independent podcast broadcast on radioh20. This podcast is hosted by “Texane” and “Liberty Belle”, two women from Quebec now living in the southern United States. “Deux filles en liberté” is a weekly program dedicated to promote the Libertarian movement in Quebec and around the world. The primary mission of this radio show is to inform and awaken the  audience to the Libertarian perspective, to report abuses and manipulations of the system that governs Quebec and other parts of the world, and to offer alternative and constructive solutions to enable effective application of the principles and beliefs.

“Deux filles en liberté” is a podcast that wants to offer a look and other views of reality of Quebec and a Libertarian perspective of their environment. Podcasts are available on the website “Libertarians”, which promotes the Libertarian movemement in Quebec and Francophone communities. It seeks to generate dynamic exchanges and promote the Libertarian movement.

Summary: This podcast is all about a specific political movement, but can be interested to be aware of some Quebec issues.

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