Là-bas si j’y suis

Name of Podcast: Là-bas si j’y suis

What topics are covered: This podcast talks about travel and society issues.

Why is it good to listen to? The host speaks slowly, with informal language. He has a deep and quiet voice.

You can subscribe or listen to the podcast through http://www.franceinter.fr/emission-la-bas-si-jy-suis.

How often are the podcasts updated? The podcasts are updated on a daily basis.

Length of each podcast: Each episode is one hour long.

Podcast Description:

Là-bas si j’y suis is a podcast broadcast on France Inter, French radio. Daniel Mermet, journalist and writer, presents it. Là-bas si j’y suis is made ​​of stories, following a critical and engaged editorial line. Many topics are discussed such as the lives of people in France and other countries, social movements, threats to public services, alter globalism, GMOs, and nanotechnology.

The podcast tries to discuss both local and international news in a different way, giving voice to those who have less media exposure. It is an unusual podcast in the French radio landscape. The host, Daniel Mermet diffuses many reports made ​​abroad, in Greece, Italy, Spain, North Africa, America, Dubai, Palestine, etc.

This podcast starts with a selection of messages received on the answering machine of the show. Listeners react to the news, they express their agreements or disagreements on the topics from previous shows, they also tell about their anger or enthusiasm, usually with humour.
The show hosts a monthly special podcast where journalists from Le Monde Diplomatique talk about the topics covered in the current newspaper.
The originality of this news podcast is the messages from listeners but also stories aired.

Summary: This is an interesting French podcast for people who want to know more about society issues and news in France and worldwide.

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