A comparison of French Pod 101 Premium vs Basic

French Pod 101 offers three subscription levels: basic, premium and premium +.

All these accounts give you access to the French Pod 101 forum and instant lesson discussion option. You can exchange with the community at anytime of your learning process.

The free lifetime account from French Pod 101 gives you access to the 10 most recent lessons but no access to the PDF lessons or pronunciation recording. Having access to 10 most recent lesson is not enough for most people to learn French since you do not have access to the first lessons or many other features.

The basic and premium accounts offers many more features and are better options for learning French.

French Pod 101 Premium vs basic 1

The basic account gives you access to the complete audio archive and to the lesson notes. It is possible to learn French with this account, but the premium level will give you access to more features that will make your learning process faster.

The premium level of French Pod 101 gives you access to daily audio and video lessons, including the archive. The dialogue lesson recap, pronunciation recording and PDF lesson notes are available for every lesson. You can also enjoy some lesson specific tools to reinforce your learning and help you to learn French faster. These tools are mainly the easy transcription translation, the easy grammar accuracy checker, the customizable flashcards and fun review quizzes. Some French resources such as the dictionary and the 2000 most common words list are also available.

The premium level is a great way to learn French efficiently and quickly. Thanks to all the tools provided on French Pod 101, the learning process is easier and more complete. You can study at your own rhythm and use the tools you need depending if you want to focus on grammar, vocabulary or communication.

You can subscribe for 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 months, depending on your needs and the time you can devote to this learning per week/month.

If you are not convinced yet by the quality of the premium account, I advise you to try all the features during the 7-day free trial of the premium account. Once you are downgraded to free account, you will be able to see whether the French Pod 101 Premium account is what you need.

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