Interact with learners and teachers on French Pod 101

On every page of every lesson on French Pod 101, you can make comments.

French Pod 101 Interactivity 1

The comments allow you to ask a question you might have or post a comment about the content. Other learners and the manager of the page can read your comment and answer to it.

This can be an opportunity to discuss things with other French Pod 101 students and keep motivated on your path to learn French. You can also help other students that might have questions, or tell the lesson creator about a mistake or a problem on the website. The creators and/or teachers are usually quite reactive and provide you a quick and personalized answer.

Also, French Pod 101 updates a blog on a daily basis.

French Pod 101 Interactivity 2

Several categories can be found on French Pod 101’s blog such as articles to learn French as well as information about the team or information about working/living in France. You can comment any article and then interact with other people.

On top of this, French Pod 101 also has a forum on which you can mainly interact with the lessons creators and teachers.

French Pod 101 Interactivity 3

Different categories are displayed so you can easily share your requests and your suggestions about the lessons, the program or the French Pod 101 website. The category “general discussion and help learning French” is the right place to ask a question or if you need the community’s help. For example, you can ask about the specific use of a tense or something you read but did not understand why it was written in this way, etc.

French Pod101 has a community of learners that interact between themselves and with the lessons creator, in order to always offer the best service. Studying alone is not easy and requires a lot of hard work. French Pod 101 helps you with that by providing tools to interact with other people in order to keep being motivated and get some confidence about your way of learning.

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