3 bières Podcast

Name of Podcast: 3 bières (3 beers)

What topics are covered: This podcast talks about many things. It can deal with daily life, work, philosophic topics, etc.

Why is it good to listen to? The hosts speak quite fast French. They use a lot of slang. Since this podcast is Canadian, the hosts have a strong Quebec French accent.

You can subscribe or listen to the podcast by finding “3 bières” on iTunes, or through this webpage http://3bieres.com/

How often are the podcasts updated? Every Friday, a new podcast is broadcasted.

Length of each podcast: Each episode is between 45 and 90 minutes long.

Podcast Description: 3 bières is an original podcast from Quebec. It is presented by Yannick, Pierre-Luc and Gabrielle.

The idea of the show is rather unusual. They talk about topics that listeners have submitted. They put all topics in a bag and they dig one of them. They open a beer and talk about this subject until one of the leaders finishes his beer. This activity is done 3 times, hence the name “3 bières”.

All kinds of topics can be discussed: what are clothing conventions? How to find a job when you have no experience? Do you absolutely want to be right in a debate?

While drinking, three presenters speak and discuss the issue. It seems like a conversation between friends, and the presenters often forget the microphone.
This is a podcast that can be interesting or not, depending on the subjects and length of conversations. Sometimes, the listener can feel uninterested about the subject or conversation. However, subjects are treated without taboo and with humour.

Summary: This podcast is an entertaining show, dealing with many subjects depending on the day. It is a very original way of presenting a topic.

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