How is French taught on French Pod101?

French Pod101 mainly uses audio files to teach you French. Each French lesson is made of one dialogue, explained and detailed in an audio file.

However, French Pod 101 also uses other tools to teach you French. The PDF files are one of the most important tools since it goes with the audio file. It is a very interesting combination of documents that helps you learn quickly. While listening to the audio file, you can read the same text and see how the dialogue is written.

French Pod101 provides images where it is possible. For example, in the online dictionary or the vocabulary lists, each word is illustrated to help you understand the meaning of the word.

French Pod 101 Teaching Tools 1

Images are very useful to people who have a photographic memory and who remember better by seeing than by listening.

The speech recording option is also a useful teaching tool provided on the website.

French Pod 101 Teaching Tools 2You can easily record yourself to check your pronunciation and compare it to the original word. Since you learn French alone, it is important to have a tool that allows you to work talking and pronunciation by yourself.

Online testing makes the learning process easier and allows you to feel more comfortable in going to the next lesson. Quizzes are provided at the end of each lesson to test what you remember and have learned.

The word recognition test, in the Flashcards option, is also a great way to learn French. You listen or read to a word and have to guess its meaning. Since French is not pronounced the way it is written, it is very important to practice listening and reading the words so the association between the two forms can be remembered.

French Pod 101 uses many different teaching tools so that every learner can find the best way for him to learn French. Depending on your preferences and how your memory processes work, you can choose to focus on one tool or to use them all.

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