French Pod 101 Review: Learning program

How to know which lesson you should study of French Pod 101?

On Frenchpod101, there are two possibilities to study French: by following the lessons through your personalized Dashboard, or by looking for lessons on your own depending on your objectives.

The best way is of course through the Dashboard since you will follow the lessons one after each other. However, if you see a lesson that you would like to study later, you can check the “Add course to Dashboard” box and save it.
French Pod 101 Newbie
You can also skip a lesson and go directly to the next one.

For each level, different “seasons” are proposed, meaning different packages of 25 lessons.

French Pod 101 Absolute Beginner

These packages can deal with different sublevels or different topics (culture or survival phrases for example). You have access to the list of these 25 lessons and can either choose to start with the first one and go on, or pick one up from the list.

French Pod 101 Absolute Beginner Season 1

In order to know about the detailed content of each lesson, you can read the curriculum through the “explore curriculum” option.

French Pod 101 Beginner Season 1

This curriculum details the function, the cultural insight, vocabulary, expressions and grammar studied in each lesson.

French Pod 101 Absolute Beginner Curriculum

This curriculum very useful as I was able to choose the type of class and content to study. When the content of a lesson looked too easy for me, I switched to the next one and continued learning. The curriculum also helped me to understand how quickly I will progress at learning French and what I will be learning in the next lesson(s).

On your dashboard, you can see the number of lessons you studied, and the recommendation for the next one.

French Pod 101 My Courses

The recommendations are usually made depending on the season you are studying, meaning if you stopped at lesson 3 of “Absolute Beginner season 1”, the dashboard will suggest lesson 4 of the same season. It is very easy then to follow an efficient learning program since you do not get forget which lessons you have studied and the one you did not.

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