Les petits bateaux Podcast

Name of Podcast: Les petits bateaux (Little boats)

What topics are covered: This podcast answers questions kids may have.

Why is it good to listen to? This podcast is directed at kids, but it is very interesting for adults as well. The host invites some experts to answer particular questions. They speak slowly and very clearly, without accent. They articulate a lot, which makes the podcast very easy to understand.

You can subscribe or listen to the podcast by finding “Les petits bateaux” on iTunes, or through http://radiofrance-podcast.net/podcast09/rss_10137.xml .

How often are the podcasts updated? Every Sunday, a new podcast is aired.

Length of each podcast: Each episode is about 25 minutes long.

Podcast Description:This show was created fifteen years ago, and is presented by Noëlle Breham. Kids call the show and ask a question. Then, experts answer to this question. The topics are very diversified. Do spiders bite in France? Why do we need to go to the toilets? Why Swiss people earn more money? Why do we cry when we are sad? How do magicians make disappear into their hats objects that they put in?

Experts answer to these questions with a lot of detail and explanation, and sometimes with scientific facts. It is very interesting since we can learn many things about questions that everybody can ask. It is mainly directed to kids, but adults can find it very interesting as well. Two musical breaks break up this podcast.

Summary: This French podcast explains many daily facts. The explanations are clear and detailed, and everybody can learn new things.

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