French Pod 101 Review: The Lessons

The lessons proposed on Frenchpod 101 are very detailed, and some learning tools are provided such as PDF documents of the transcript and  notes of each lesson.

French Pod 101 Lesson PDFs

The lessons’ audio are about 10 minutes long, but more time is required to study the lesson and learn the content.

Each lesson is divided into three steps:

  • Introduction – What is the lesson about?
  • lessons materials – Line by line audio, vocabulary and grammar
  • Review  – Quizzes and flashcards

French Pod 101 Lesson Review

Each podcast-based lesson of FrenchPod101 follows the same pattern. To start, the presenters give explanations (in English or in French depending on the level) to help the listener to get the context and be more aware of what they are about to hear. After this, the dialogue is played twice, at a normal rhythm and more slowly. Finally, the presenters give tips about cultural aspect of French language (when to use “tu” and “vous” for example), explain the words and expressions heard in the audio file and then focus on the grammar.

While listening to the audio, you can write your own notes in the dedicated section and find them later in the “My notes” part of the menu.

French Pod 101 Bistrot FrancaisThis option is very important since the website registers all your notes. It is very helpful when you study in different places or on different devices.

It is interesting to be able to download some documents since it makes the learning process much easier. When you find that you have the same notes as what is written on this pdf document, it’s a great sign of you understanding the lesson.

To conclude, the lessons are very well constructed and always follow the same template which is convenient. You always know how the lesson will go and approximately how long you will need to complete a lesson. By the way, do not forget to tick the “Mark lesson complete” box when finished so it will appear on your dashboard.French Pod 101 Mark Lesson Complete

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