Is French Pod 101 a good way to study French grammar?

French Pod101 offers several tools to learn and practice grammar.

First of all, when you study the lessons, you will learn new French grammar points all the time; whether it is about adjectives, adverbs, verbs or anything else. During the audio file, the presenters always explain something related to French grammar. You can find the explanation in the Lesson notes pdf to get more information and to see its spelling.

The curriculum of the season provides you with the grammar content you will learn by episode. Since you cannot learn everything at once, the progression is made to teach you what is more useful first. However, to get an overall idea of the principles of French grammar, you can read the page on French Pod 101 called “French grammar”.

French Pod 101 Grammar 1

Lesson 3 of the All about season in Introduction compares French grammar and English grammar. It is a good way to discover French grammar in 13 minutes.

Grammar is mandatory every time you make a sentence. You need to know a lot of things to be able to talk correctly. To help you get all this knowledge, French Pod101 offers a useful tool for French learners called “grammar bank”. You can use in two ways.

– By making a research on a specific topic.
French Pod 101 Grammar 2
For example, if you search “adjectives”, you will get several answers on this topic with links to the lesson where it was studied.

– By looking at the list of grammar items, that can be filtered by level, spelling, category and series.
French Pod 101 Grammar 3

If you select the “Absolute Beginner” level, you will have the list of the French grammar rules studied in this level. You can then choose one item, and have access to a very complete explanation of the topic, in English.
French Pod 101 Verbs 1

This grammar bank was very useful as you can find an answer to any doubt you had, and get more explanation about a topic. During the lessons, I sometimes felt that information was missing so it is important to know that they created a “grammar bank” to centralize all the grammar information.

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