How can you develop writing skills on French pod101?

As French Pod 101 mainly focuses on listening and speaking French, writing is not the priority. There are no real “writing exercises”, except the exercises proposed on the quizzes which are about spelling a word correctly.

On French Pod 101, there is no lesson to teach you how to write in proper French. However, since everything they say is available in written form through transcripts and notes, it is possible to improve your skills by studying things yourself.

After studying a lesson, it might be a good idea to listen again to the audio dialogue and try to transcribe it. With this exercise, you can check that you have learnt correctly the words and grammar, and that you are able to build sentences. With practice and self-confidence, you can even create your own sentences and dialogues by changing the words or verbs, based on the dialogue provided in the lesson.

With this exercise, you get to be more comfortable with the way French is written and how sentences are constructed. You can write what you hear on a classic paper, or using the “My Notes” tool to make it easier and faster to compare with the original version.

French Pod 101 Writing 1

Since each French lesson is more difficult than the previous one, you will learn a lot of new vocabulary, grammar structures and syntax tips to develop your writing skills. French writing skills can only be developed by reading and observing how the French language works. You will probably need a lot of time to learn how to write in French since the written form can be very different from the way a word is said. Do not get scared of it; just take your time to learn it!

To conclude, you will not directly and specifically develop writing skills by using the FrenchPod 101 approach, but since it is a very well constructed method, it is possible to improve these skills by working alone thanks to the tools and documents provided.

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