Dan Gagnon gratuitement

Name of Podcast: Dan Gagnon gratuitement

What topics are covered: This podcast talks about humour and funny people.

Why is it good to listen to? The host has a Quebec accent and use informal language. He speaks in a dynamic way, and quite fast.

You can subscribe or listen to the podcast by finding “Dan Gagnon” on iTunes.

How often are the podcasts updated? The podcasts are updated every two weeks, on Friday.

Length of each podcast: Each episode is about one hour long.

Podcast Description:             

Dan Gagnon gratuitement is a free podcast aired on his website. This podcast is created and hosted by Dan Gagnon, Belgian-Canadian presenter and humorist.
This podcast is made of interviews with comedians live from the apartment of the podcaster in Brussels. The guest can be a Belgian or French comedian. During the podcast, we learn more about well-known comedians, sometimes less known, where the goal is not to make a show but to be funny.

The host and the guest just talk for an hour with a common passion, humour. They review and discuss the participant humoristic work but also his/her “professional” career next to this passion. They talk about the failures, successes, and ambitions of the guest, the evolution … In a relaxed and homely atmosphere; the guest speaks about their life and their career. This podcast is interesting because it helps to learn more about the guest without hiding behind the humour.

Summary: This podcast is interesting for people who like humour and want to know more about Francophone comedians.

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