French Pod 101 Review: Quizes

How do the quizzes work on French Pod 101?

After each lesson, FrenchPod101 has quizzes to test the content learnt in the lesson. A quiz is very important for you as it is a way to see if the knowledge has been learnt and to reinforce it if needed.

Two quizzes are available: review questions and writing questions. Both quizzes test vocabulary and can be found in the third part of each French Pod 101 lesson called “review”.

The “review questions” part is made of five associations of words, and you need to say if they are correct or not.

French Pod 101 QuizzesAll the words proposed were studied in the lesson, and there are no surprises if you learnt well the vocabulary.

The “writing questions” part gives five words where you need to give the equivalent of the French word in English.

French Pod 101 Quizzes 2The section “quiz settings” allows you to choose whether you want the questions to be displayed in French or in English in this exercise. If you choose English, the quiz will show you English words which you have to give the exact French translation. The accents on the words are also considered.

This second exercise is much more difficult since you have to remember the exact translation of the word as well as the exact spelling. You can take this exercise twice by changing the language to test more words.

Once the quiz is answered, the results can be checked and the percentage score is given as well as a rating (A to F). The correct answers are then shown.French Pod 101 Quizzes 3

My advice would be to retake the test later if you did not get 100%.

Summary: These French Pod 101 quizzes are quite short and are not long enough to check the whole content of the lesson. Only the vocabulary is tested and I think it would be good to be able test the grammar you have learnt. I think more questions or exercises would have been interesting to test more content and give more confidence to a French learner.

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