French Pod 101 Review: Developing Speaking Skills

As Frenchpod101 is an online program to learn French, the ways to develop your French speaking skills will be different than in a classroom. You do not have any teacher or classmates to talk with; you are alone in front of your computer or audio device (ie phone).

Luckily, French Pod 101  has a tool to help you practice talking: recording. For each lesson, you can go in the “review” section and access to the line-by-line audio and the vocabulary.

French Pod 101 Line-By-Line Audio

Next to each sentence or word, there are three symbols: two speakers and a microphone. The speaker allows you to listen to the sentence or the word at a normal speed and then slowly. The microphone indicates that you can record yourself.

When you click on it, a small window appears where you can listen again to the word and repeat it.

French Pod 101 Line-By-Line Audio 2After recording yourself, you can compare the original word with your version to listen to the differences and see if you say it good. With this method, you need to be a good self-learner and work towards improving. I found that this tool was very easy to use and very interesting. In a real classroom with a teacher, you cannot hear yourself and do self-correction, time is limited. On Frenchpod101, you can practice the same word how many times you need and listen to your mistakes.

To get more information about French pronunciation, you can read the page dedicated to it on the website.

French Pod 101 Line-By-Line Audio 3

The page “French alphabet” provides very useful tips on how to pronounce French letters and sounds.

French Pod 101 Line-By-Line Audio 4

This table is interesting because it gives the equivalent sound in English to help you understand how it can be in French.

In the dictionary tool, you can listen to the exact pronunciation of words and sentences. On the premium+ version of French Pod 101, you can benefit from a private teacher that can help you practice live.

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