French Pod 101 Review: Listening Skills

How can you develop your listening skills on French Pod 101?

French Pod 101 decided to focus on listening. Each class/lesson there gives an audio file of the lesson but also a review of the vocabulary where the words are pronounced slowly to help you get the pronunciation. Also there is an audio file with only the dialogue.

French Pod 101 Audio 1While listening, it is possible to choose the speed of the audio file.

French Pod 101 Audio 2

It is interesting to have the option to slow down the dialogue so it makes it easier to hear the actual word and get more of the conversation. The option to “speed up” is not really necessary here since people already speak at a normal rhythm of conversation.

As different teachers teach lessons on French Pod 101, you have the opportunity to listen to several French accents and ways of talking depending on who is presenting the lesson. It is a good way to get familiar with different type of language and rhythms.

The PDF transcripts available with each lesson are a great way to improve your French listening skills since the transcript of the whole lesson helps you to understand what is said and how it is said in French.

French Pod 101 Audio 3

You can also find the transcript of the dialogue in the “line by line audio” part of each French Pod 101 lesson.

French Pod 101 Audio 4

My advice is that after each lesson, you listen again to the dialogue while reading the transcript. It will then be much easier for you to remember the spelling of the word as well as its pronunciation that might be very different from the written form. You can also click on the sign of a speaker next to a sentence to hear it again.

Frenchpod101 is a great way to get used to French talking and to improve your French listening skills. Hopefully, you’ll realise quickly that your listening skills have had a big improvement!

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