How can you learn French verbs on French pod101?

French verbs are quite complicated to learn since there are different groups of verbs, which can be used in different moods, tenses and aspects. A lot of verbs are irregular which means the only option to know them is to learn them.

You can get basic information related to French verbs on the page dedicated to it on French Pod 101.

French Pod 101 Verbs 1

This page explains the classification of French verbs and the characteristics of each group. This page also gives information about moods and tenses in French grammar.

In the verb conjugation chart, you can see the conjugation of the most common verbs, in different tenses. It is a useful document to see the differences between the tenses, and how to conjugate a regular verb.

French Pod 101 Verbs 2

The grammar bank also provides a lot of information about verbs.

French Pod 101 Verbs 3

By searching for the verb “aller” for example, the results will show the different lessons where this verb was studied, in different moods or tenses. It is the tool to use to get all the information you need regarding to a verb: what is its meaning, how to use it, when to use it, how to conjugate it, what is its characteristics are etc.

By using the dictionary of Frenchpod101, you can also have the translation of the verb, but also a list of expression where this verb is used.

French Pod 101 Verbs 4

For example, the verb “être” (to be) is used in a lot of expressions that may be useful to know such as “être enceinte” (to be pregnant), “être en retard” (to be late) and many others. By searching for a conjugated form of the verb  for example “suis” (meaning “am” like in “I am”), you will have access to a list of sentences where this form is used. You can also listen to it to know how it is pronounced.

French Pod 101 Verbs 5

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