The Different Types of Audio Lessons On This Site

Listening to these will help you learn the language and improve your listening abilities. Depending on your level of French, you can either listen to lessons aimed at teaching (made especially for learners), or lessons aimed at native speakers to perfect your skills.

French learning podcasts – These are broadcast in order to help people learning the language. These are a very good way to learn French and to get used to French sounds and listen to people speaking at a more mlearn french language podcastsanageable pace. The content and the way of talking are adapted for learners, and are usually well explained.

Some of theses casts have websites with more activities related to the audio file: transcripts, exercises, vocabulary, etc. If you are starting to learn French and/or learnt it a long time ago, you can find different lessons on this website to help you gain more vocabulary and improve your fluency. The benefits of these is that you can listen to them while you are on your daily commute or where you have a bit of “free” time.

For intermediate learners, it will be a great exercise to listen and read the transcript at the same time when available, and to do the exercises offered on the websites. This will help your understanding to improve and to remind you of things and reinforce fluency patterns into your life.

Native French language podcasts – These podcasts are made for French speaking people, and are aired on the radio or online only. Listening to these native lessons is a great way to improve your speaking ability since the hosts of these shows speak the way regular people speak in a French-speaking country, while talking with other people or presenting a topic. However, since some of the people in these casts may speak quite fast and use slang, these are more suitable for intermediate and advanced learners. In this directory, you will find lessons from France, but also from Belgium, Quebec, and other French speaking places. This diversity will allow you to hear many different accents, discover their particularities, and adjust to them.

Some of the topics covered in the shows include: football, politics, travelling, sports, pop culture, video games, philosophy and many others! There are also esoteric topics like manga and even a guide to Disney theme parks in French! With all these recordings you will learn a lot of new vocabulary, and stay up-to-date with what is happening in many Francophone countries.

Whether you are beginner or advanced French learner, the most important is to keep listening to the lessons regularly. In this way, you will get more and more used to the intricacies of the language and more and more able to reproduce what you hear and improve your speaking skills. Learning a language is not a super-quick process, it requires a little bit of determination and more importantly it requires persistence. If you listen to these audio tracks 10 minutes a day(say) then over a year that’s loads of extra language learning!

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