French Pod 101 Review: Learn New Vocabulary

Frenchpod 101 offers a lot of possibilities to learn new vocabulary and practice the new French words that you have just learnt. The first option is the regular way, by following the lesson one by one, learning the vocabulary and answering the quizzes.

In addition to this, and to review everything you learnt on the lessons, some tools are provided in the “French resources” section of French Pod 101.

The tools offered on French Pod 101 for vocabulary are:

  1. French dictionary
  2. Vocabulary lists
  3. Word of the Day
  4. Worldlist 100/200
  5. Flashcards

French Pod 101 Vocab 2

1. French dictionary
French Pod 101 Vocab 1
With this tool, you can look for any word in French and in English to get its translation. Expressions are given to help you understand how to use this word. You can listen to the word or expression at different speeds.

2. Vocabulary lists
French Pod 101 Vocab 3
This tool helps you to review or acquire more words. You choose a category (ie vegetables) and you can see a list of words related to it. It is a very complete dictionary since you have an image, the gender, the grammar class, and the possibility to listen to it.

3. Word of the day
French Pod 101 Vocab 4
This small tool is interesting since it is an opportunity to learn a new word not related to the lesson you are studying, but still a useful word. Some expressions are also explained. You can choose to receive it by email every day, or check this page.

4. Wordlist 100/200 etc.
French Pod 101 Vocab 5
The word list presents the 100 (or more, depending on your settings) most common words used in French language. You can filter them by category.

5. Flashcards
French Pod 101 Vocab 6
This is an excellent way to review vocabulary and make sure you have learnt them well. The exercises are mixed: for example listening comprehension, recognition and being able to remember the word. In the settings part, you can choose how many questions do you want, how many new words, and the proportion of questions for each type of exercise.

French pod 101 offers a lot of options to acquire and review vocabulary and words you have learnt, depending on your objectives and the time you have. I think that the Flashcards is the best tool to test your knowledge. The other tools are interesting to verify the meaning or the spelling of a word as well as learning more words.

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