Allo la planète Podcast

Name of Podcast: Allo la planète

What topics are covered: This podcast gathers some people who talk about their trips or their life abroad.

Why is it good to listen to? In each episode, different people participate and share their experience. These people are usually French, but they can have some regional accents. The rhythm and the language can also vary depending on the person. However, the host speaks very clearly.

You can subscribe or listen to the podcast by finding “Allo la planète” on iTunes, or through

How often are the podcasts updated? The podcasts are updated daily from Monday to Friday.

Length of each podcast: Each episode is about one hour long.

Podcast Description:

Every day, listeners around the world gather to share their life stories, comment on the news, give a helping hand, and share their memories, their dreams, their plans…

Each episode has a topic that listeners can talk about. For example, in the podcast “Chinese people are nice”, two girls describe their experience. One of them is doing a world trip, and is currently in China, she gives her first impressions. The other girl lives in Beijing, shares her daily life, and describes the habits when partying in China.

This podcast is very interesting since we can listen to many stories, and learn a lot about foreign countries and how is life there. Every day, the topic is different, the stories and participants as well.

Summary: It is a very interesting podcast where you can learn new things about foreign countries and life experiences.

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